US Navy's Capt. Glass Arrives

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US Navy's Capt. Glass Arrives
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      During the Spanish-American War, on June 20, 1898, Captain Henry Glass, U. S. Navy, sailed proudly into Apra Harbor, Guam ready to do battle. The U.S.S. Charleston's guns were firing away and expecting fire in return. The Spaniards could not return fire. Their forts were disintegrating, their guns did not work, and they had no ammunition.

      The Spanish officials later apologized for not returning what they thought was a naval salute from the visiting ships. The Americans, highly agitated over the sinking of the U.S.S. Maine in Havana Harbor a few months earlier, promptly informed the Spaniards that they came to capture, not salute, them.

      It would be the second time that the fate of Guam was decided by nations from afar while the native Chamorros were relegated to mere observers in the process.